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Megan Leigh McDonald

Scrum Task Board Template

Even when working under the ‘Waterfall’ methodology, I always make it a point to keep a ‘task board’ at my desk or nearby. It’s something I borrowed from Scrum but it works so well for my own personal workload.

Barcampla4 – Sooo Awesome…

Just wanted to pop into my blog for a bit and say how much I’m enjoying ‘barcampla4’. What is barcamp? A tekkie conference that started in San Fran from what I gather and then started emanating outwards. It’s only about 4 years old and brings together some of the most passionate, actionable people in the tech industry to learn and share. Kind of like burning man meets Agile Methodologies. The session board is set up just like a task or story board at work. People grab a large post-it and write out the topics and stick them into the slots on the board. How perfect is that? I wish I weren’t missing the overnight campout…pout.

I really enjoyed the session from A developer and the Designer presented the new site design. Really cool people and I like their product. There’s a lot of potential for the travel industry there as well as ‘white label’ APIs for social networking sites.

Following that was an hour long problem session. There were a lot of really technical terms about email and databases flying around me and the energy was amazing. I know the developers at work would love to do a barcamp session like this every so often just to bring up general site issues – maybe we can do it once a month over lunch.

This session now is about Vlogging and how to incorporate it into WordPress. Yay. Don’t know if I really need to put videos on this wordpress site but I’m going to think about it.