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Megan Leigh McDonald

Questioning Authority

Okay, so the title is a little misleading, since I’m not talking about being a rebel here as much as I am going to express my own questions about the relationship I have with authority. I was thinking about this recently and realized because of my unique experiences growing up in the Army, I may have some hidden issues with authority – maybe not, but I think it’s worth reflecting on. In fact everyone who works in any kind of job should probably reflect on that at some point.

In a lifetime, we move in and out of a series of relationships that involve authority, starting with the primary parental relationships, moving on to teachers, coaches, mentors, bosses, policemen, directors, etc. Our relationship with the concept of authority impacts all these relationships and the subsequent experiences we have in a lifetime.

Growing up as the child of a military man, I grew up with the symbol of U.S. authority around me everywhere, as well as a highly defined structure of how that authority translated from the highest rank to the lowest and the various roles and tasks assigned to each. Everything was pretty clear. There was no grey area between roles, no

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