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Megan Leigh McDonald

Customer Service User Experience

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past year about what makes designing for customer service different than designing for conversion or other business needs. Clearly, most of the goals around customer service efforts relate to cost savings in terms of reducing contacts, handle time or user churn (repeat user contacts). In this area, businesses are more transparent about making changes that impact the bottom line,

2 Responses to “Customer Service User Experience”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ari Cohn


    Has any employer of yours implemented every piece of your strategy? Have you seen sites that have?

  2. comment number 2 by: Meg

    Not yet, but these are really large initiatives and some of them cut across normal verticals, so it helps if the business commits to a special team of the product and user experience teams aligned across business unit. So, some businesses have taken some of my advice – or, er came up with it separately on their own – good ideas have a way of happening like that. Usually there are a bunch of people pushing for the same thing separately and when they can come together and persuade peers to make some changes, then we see it manifest top to bottom…but normally it’s already bubbling up bottom to top if a company is really encouraging employees to think and participate.

    And I think there are some sites out there that do this well…Intuit is phenomenal I think at its end to end self help initiatives. I think that it’s a huge problem though that is constantly shifting according to consumer behavior, so it’s great because it offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities for the business to go after. In short, no one does this perfectly but the goal is not to do it perfectly…it’s to do it. If we reached a state of perfection, we’d just stop doing it. Or it would maintain itself…which is an ideal more than a reality.

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