Megan Leigh McDonald
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Megan Leigh McDonald


Military ‘brat’, ‘smart girl’, Cornell graduate, first-born, risk-taker, Aries, ‘cool-headed’ are all words used to describe me by people I’ve known.

Born ‘on the road’ as the first daughter of an Army Sergeant and a writer, I had lived abroad and moved about six times by the time I graduated from high school. My college years led me towards film, theatre, television and the internet.

As a User Interface Designer I want to solve problems for users of consumer-facing web applications (social networks, travel companies and consumer tools) in corporate or non-profit organizations.

I specialize in solving problems for both users and businesses through the use of research, data, best practices and standards. I bring with me over nine years of experience at small to large companies and non-profits. I am experienced in Agile/Scrum methodologies, Site Catalyst and Visual Design. A strong communicator, I work closely with Product Management and other business partners.

I’m very interested in working with social networks, financial consumer tools, travel tools and mobile applications.

Outside of work, I enjoy an active social life, backpacking/camping, kayaking, travel and volunteerism.